• Basis weight sensor (Kr85) A361can
  • Basis weight sensor (Kr85) A361can
  • Basis weight sensor (Kr85) A361can
  • Basis weight sensor (Kr85) A361can
  • Basis weight sensor (Kr85) A361can
  • Basis weight sensor (Kr85) A361can

Quality Control System (QCS)

The Quality Control System A3000 is designed to control MD and CD profiles of paper and cardboard parameters. The main quality parameters are moisture, basis weight, ash content and thickness. The system has automatic modes for controlling base weight, the pulp flow of PM constant part, CD profiling systems end efflux control.

Application of quality control system has a great importance for paper machines productivity.

Fifteen years of research and practical experience allowed us to develop a compact and flexible system for measuring and control of paper quality parameters.

The quality control system provides some tools that can be easily adapted and customized individually for any customer requirements.

In its basic configuration, the quality control system provides the following control algorithms:

  • control of the consistency before paper machine
  • headboxes control
  • paper forming control
  • basis weight control
  • moisture control on the pope reel and the size press

A3000 Automated Quality Control System has a modular structure, which allows to customize system according to any customer’s requirements. The quality control system is based on standard PLC. This significantly increases the stability and flexibility of the system.

The information storage system is based on a standard database. This simplifies the integration of the quality control system into business management software.

The optimized database structure allows quick information sampling and reporting. The standard reporting system includes statistics templates for roll, shift and day.