Moisture meter A314 for concrete

Concrete moisture and its condition is an essential element of construction projects. That is why it is important to initiate sufficient strength and curing temperature before placing other building elements and proceeding with the next steps of the projects. To meet quality goals professionals tend to use concrete moisture meters.

Moisture meter A314 is designed to continuously control concrete moisture including construction mixtures, sand, inert fillers, as well as concrete compositions in mixers.

The use of A314 microwave moisture meter in concrete mixers makes it possible to control the constancy of the water-cement ratio, regardless of the moisture content of each of the mixture components. As a result, the amount of spoiled material is reduced, the constant quality of products is ensured, and the efficiency of the use of color additives is increased.

Moisture meter A314 can be used in:

- concrete mixing plants;
- production of mortars and mixtures;
- the preparation of sand and other bulk materials;
- the production of paving slabs and other structures;
- concrete mixers

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