The in-line grain flow moisture meter

The in-line moisture meter A315 is used at grain processing enterprises and grain drying complexes. This device is designed for continuous moisture measurement of cereals, legumes and oilseeds. AQUAR-SYSTEM sells products of its own production that meet the requirements of current standards.

Distinctive features:
The moisture meter is a microwave sensor capable of measuring the moisture content of crops in a stream. The use of the sensor eliminates the need for constant laboratory research and the use of portable moisture meters. The measurement system is characterized by long-term stability - after the factory setting, the sensors do not need routine calibration. The design of the measuring channel makes it possible to eliminate the possibility of external factors affecting the measurement process.

The distinctive features of in-line moisture meters for grain crops include:

Stable moisture indicators that do not depend on the density of the culture;
Automatic temperature change compensation;
Availability of the EU certificate and the EAC declaration of conformity.
The scope of delivery includes a special display unit for local control. To get more information about the possibilities of using in-line moisture meter, call us or use the feedback form. AQUAR-SYSTEM specialists will answer your questions.