Brix measurement

Degrees brix is the sugar content of an aqueous solution. The concept of the term is commonly used in the sugar, fruit juice, fresh produce, and honey industries. Precision Brix measurement provides reliable control of evaporation steps, optimized syrup thickening, and continuous production without process downtime.

The Brix is the most common scale for measuring dissolved solids. It is designed to measure the concentration of sugar in aqueous solutions in a wide variety of quality control operations in the sugar industry. Measuring of concentration is crucial at all stages of sugar production:'

- juice extraction
- cleaning
- evaporation
- crystallization

Microwave measuring technology delivers highly accurate and reliable concentration measurements in all stages of sugar production.

Microwave concentration sensor A445 is a high-precision device to measure concentration in various technological zones of sugar production. The microwave sensor A445 allows you to measure the concentration of sugar syrups over a wide temperature range, regardless of the flow rate and the transparency of the solution.

The scope of delivery includes a special display unit for local control. To learn more about the possibilities of using brix sensor A445, call us or use the feedback form. AQUAR-SYSTEM specialists will answer your questions.