An article published in Povolzhye AGRO magazine

One of the founders of AQUAR-SYSTEM LLC - Alexander Belyachits published an article about effective agriculture in the Russian magazine “Povolzhye AGRO” No. 8 (127).

The article describes the advantages and features of using the Microwave grain moisture meter A315 during storage and drying of grain in drying complexes.

A distinctive feature of the A315 sensor is that the moisture readings of the grain are practically independent of its density (nature), which ensures high reliability of moisture measurement in the flow.

The first tests of grain moisture meters made by AQUAR-SYSTEM were carried out back in 2010 at the grain drying complexes of Belarus. In August 2011 the microwave grain moisture meter A315 was registered at the Belarusian State register of measuring instruments.

Since 2011, AQUAR-SYSTEM has supplied more than 1000 moisture meters A315 to enterprises in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, France, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Argentina, the USA, Canada and other countries.