DCS for paper mills

For more than 18 years, AQUAR-SYSTEM specialists have been providing services for the development and implementation of DCS systems.

DCS is a distributed process control system used in various industries. The emergence of the system was influenced by the improvement and development of programmable logic controllers, which began to be used to perform continuous operations.

DCS systems are in demand in enterprises with a large number of process control loops. The system concept achieves high reliability by distributing control processing to individual nodes. It is also worth noting the low installation costs due to the localization of control functions.

We have developed automated complex technical and software solutions for the following technological processes:

- Forming and profiling of paper web;

- Dissolution, sorting, cleaning, and grinding of paper pulp;

- Paper web drying systems.

The developed solutions correspond to the concept of modern control systems. For more information about DCS implementation opportunities for the pulp industry, call us or use the feedback form. Will be glad to answer your question.