We have developed and are pleased to present you our new system for automating the preparation of building mixtures!

The automated water dosing system is designed to ensure the consistency of the water-cement ratio of the building mixture, regardless of the moisture content of each of its components.

The microwave moisture sensor A314 installed in the mixer measures the moisture content of the building mixture during the humidification process and transmits the measured data to the system control unit. The amount of water supplied for the preparation of the building mixture is controlled by a water flow sensor, and this information is also transmitted to the control unit. In the control unit, based on the initial and final moisture content of the building mixture set by the operator, a shut-off valve control signal is generated, which ensures the supply of the amount of water necessary for moisture content of the mixture set by the operator.

The dynamics of the process of moistening the concrete mixture is displayed on the display panel in digital and graphical form. The display panel contains intuitive and easy-to-use graphical means for setting recipes and operating the system.