We invite you to our stand F18 at the PulpFor exhibition on November 14-16, 2023

#PulpFor is an international exhibition of equipment and technologies for the pulp and paper, forestry, packaging and tissue industries.

At the exhibition, we will present #infrared moisture sensor A419 designed for continuous, non-contact, automatic control of the humidity of paper web.

Our new development will also be presented - a sensor for monitoring the size of the grinding gap. The sensor is used to measure the gap when crushing pulp in a refiner. The sensor is specifically designed for use in the environment created inside the refiner and has nothing in common with standard distance sensors such as inductive sensors.

The products manufactured by #AQUARSYSTEM are unique and have virtually no analogs in the world. These are microwave and infrared sensors for measuring and monitoring consistency and moisture, QCS, DCS process control systems, and MCC engine control stations.