Using insert-type consistency sensors in paper mills

Certainly, in a paper mill, various types of sensors are used to monitor and control the paper manufacturing process.

A concentration sensor, also known as a concentration measurement sensor or analyzer, is a device used to measure the concentration of a specific substance or component within a liquid or gas mixture. These sensors are widely used in various industries for monitoring and controlling processes, ensuring product quality, and maintaining safety standards. They can be based on different measurement principles, such as optical, electrochemical, or spectroscopic methods, depending on the substance being measured.

For instance, in a paper mill, a concentration sensor might be used to measure the concentration of chemicals or additives in the paper pulp mixture, helping to ensure that the right proportions are maintained for optimal paper quality and production efficiency.

The A443 insert-type sensor is the latest fourth generation of concentration sensors, which have been manufactured and supplied to customers in various countries by AQUAR-SYSTEM for more than 30 years.

The principle of operation of the sensor is to accurately measure the dielectric constant of an aqueous suspension in the microwave frequency range.

A feature of the sensor is a streamlined "fork" design. This design eliminates the retention of mass on the sensor housing. The sensor can be installed in tanks and pipelines of large diameter and is also effective in flows with high values of mass concentration and conductivity.