Presentation of A315 in Agritechnica 2015, Hannover

At the invitation of our partner company CFCai (France)-producers LAW and SATIG grain dryers as well as MAROT cleaners- we have displayed our sensor at the exhibition Agritechnica 2015.

New modification of microwave grain flow moisture sensor A 315 as well as its high measurement accuracy, advantages and features in comparison with other manufacturers of measuring equipment has been demonstrated. We also presented some variants of sensor installations for input and output control in grain dryers produced by the company CFCai. Many visitors to the booth have noted that use of the sensor, with the undoubted increase convenience of dryer operator work, can significantly save dryer fuel consumption.

We are grateful to all visitors interested in our sensor A 315 and our joint project with the company CFCai.

We thank our partner company CFCai for the invitation and fruitful joint work on Agritechnica 2015.