New A3150 system at Minsk plant of bread products

As part of the modernization of the equipment for the grain moistening process at the Minsk Plant of Bread Products OJSC (Republic of Belarus, Minsk), A3150 grain moistening system produced by AQUAR-SYSTEM Ltd of the previous generation was replaced with a new one.

The latest generation system is installed in the first and second sections of the first cycle of the 1st mill.

Automatic system A3150 aims to stabilize the process of humidification of grain before milling - the most important stage of its preparation for grinding, providing the necessary changes in the physical and structural properties of the grain before grinding.

The system A3150 allows to:

  • maximize extraction of high-grade product at the limit flour and bran moisture
  • minimize ash content in the product
  • optimize energy consumption
  • control loading of equipment and stabilize production output.