Controlling moisture of concrete mixture

Our automated water dosing system A3140 is designed to ensure a constant water-cement ratio of the building mixture, regardless of the humidity of each of its components.

Controlling the moisture content of the concrete mixture is one of great importance during its preparation and use. The moisture content of concrete is one of the most important parameters that affects the quality and strength of the final product. It should be remembered that optimal moisture content of the concrete mixture ensures better performance and guarantees the durability of concrete structures.

First of all, moisture control helps control the consistency of the concrete mixture, which helps ensure that the form is filled evenly when pouring and avoids the formation of voids within the concrete. Proper moisture also helps minimize cracks and deformations in concrete, which increases its strength and durability.

In addition, the moisture content of the concrete mixture affects the speed and quality of its hardening. Too much humidity can cause the concrete structure to warp and fail, while too little humidity can slow the curing process and reduce the strength of the concrete.

As a result, controlling the moisture content of a concrete mixture is an important step in the production of concrete products and construction. Recommendations for maintaining optimal humidity should be strictly followed and this parameter should be monitored at all stages of concrete production and use.