About our long-term plans for 2024

Working days have started after the Christmas and New Year holidays, and we want to share a little about our plans for our activities and the development of the company in 2024.
While 2023 brought significant growth with expanded applications of our products and new solutions, in 2024 we plan to focus our attention and efforts on expanding our offering of quality control and quality management solutions for pulp and paper mills. Our plans are to participate in large projects with new unique proposals and solutions in the field of automation, taking into account the individual needs of our clients in the pulp and paper industry.

We also plan to continue working on the supply of quality control and management systems for other industries other than pulp and paper, such as the production of textile and plastic fibers, rolled metal, as well as fabrics in the field of construction and finishing materials.
Our goal is to make our customers' production even more efficient and economical!