Automation for flour mills

The process of grain dampening is one of the processes of automation for flour mills. It is the most important stage of preparing grain for grinding.

Automation in the flour mills is extremely important to get high-quality finished products and to reduce the economic costs of production.

Automated grain dampening system A3150 produced by AQUAR-SYSTEM. It is intended to stabilize the process of grain moistening before milling. The system automatically controls the water supply which depends on the flow rate and moisture content of the grain, the flow rate and water pressure in the waterline, and the set dampening goal. The system automatically regulates water flow based on measuring grain moisture, grain flow, water pressure, and target moisture.

Automation for flour mills solves important tasks, such as:

  • provide high accuracy measurement independent of grain density, grade, temperature, or other disturbing factors
  • real-time display of measurement and process data
  • all data and controls available at remote operator station, the system can be integrated into an existing industrial network
  • operators and engineers are not required to be in front of each control point to make adjustments
  • immediate water cut-off when grain flow is interrupted.

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